Hey baby,

I hope everything is going well with you in Washington! It’s going well for me. Although I miss the living shit out of you. Iv’e never felt such a strong connection with someone where I feel I need to actively be a part of there life at all times. If I could describe the way I miss you; It’s like a hollow spot inside of me that can only be filled with your touch, kiss, smile, and laugh. But not over some web cam I want to see you In real person!

Anyways as you know I would really like to journal more, and who better to journal with then you?

The day began tossing and turning in bed. I think last nite I drank about 3 redbulls…. enough for a fricking small tribe of children to last a damn month! Yea , my hands were shaking and my head was feeling like it was connected to a bunch of wires sending electrical pulses in to my brain. I always believed that there are some things in life that are free…that you don’t need to take, perfect example.

After a while you called me, and we spoke for a little. We were facing some problems just with us being  apart which is to be expected. I’m noticing that one of the things that make us such a strong couple is the ability we have to persist with each other in trying to find the problem and create solutions. Although that sounds like something you would see ata business seminar or something…it’s true. You and I work together well.

In the morning after that I went to the gym. Then got my peepee slapped for staying out to late. Lesson learned follow the rules. Although it is a hard thing for me to chew on. I’m a 28 your old man, I feel like I’ve earned the right to stay out as long as I please!? I don’t need someone watching over me that I don’t know; trying to act like my Dad. I have Dad, that’s the only one I need. Get off my nuts. I don’t feel remorse a single fucking bit. But I will follow the rules to keep the wolves at bay. Anyways, that’s my personal opinion.

After that I came home and walked in on one of the people on my crew jerking off. true story.

Then I played softball. We played for over three hours. It was a long time and wore me out! Although I had a lot of fun. I was Shitting balls like Babe Ruth himself. Ok maybe not, but I sure felt like him. It was funny to listen to Stang, talk super seriously about the softball league. He is pretty chill, he comes to hang out with the E’s. I can dig that.

WE got home around 6pm and went to eat airport pita. It was pretty good, but to be honest im so tired of junk food. The kitchen situation is crappy. We split a kitchen with all the A/c and maintainers and theres always people in there doing shit. But I can make it work someway.

Anyways that’s it for the day :/ pretty boring I guess. Lessons learned

1) follow the rules if you have to. Doesn’t mean you got to agree with them

2) Knock 2 times before walking in a room 😉

3) Eat cleaner god damn it


I love you baby

K bye


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