21 June 2015 (West Coast)

Today was awesome, after a bit of navigating issues, we made it to the trail head. Things I noticed: Either I talk very softly, or people are rude and don’t return my “Hello, hi, or how’s it going”. LOTS of people that you wouldn’t think get outside of the city are hiking those not-so-easy hikes, which is impressive in its own way. Nature is truly beautiful, and who the fuck cares who else is on the trail. I like looking at the trees more than the other weirdos like myself.

Some take aways from spending time with my dad…don’t discuss politics. In history, younger people have revolutionary viewpoints. Old people were once young people, and at some time during their lives, they also had revolutionary idea, such as the aptly named “Revolutionary War.” Change is a slow, yet quick idea. Education is a necessity. To be educated is to be able to make more informed decisions, instead of decisions based on fear, cultural beliefs, or just plain ignorance.

I feel the same way about being away from you. While I do find joy in the things I have been doing, the happiness I get from experiencing things with you is 100x greater. You are my other half, and you are missing right now. Skype just doesn’t cut it. However, in everything I do, you are always in my heart and constantly on my mind. All of our memories run through my brain dome and make me smile.

I love you baby, I’ll let you know how that bulletproof coffee turns out 🙂


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