Hey baby

Your actually sitting across from me as I write via Skype 🙂 Although the screen is blurry I love seeing you over there working hard at your math homework…or I just love seeing you.

The other day we went to a restaurant called Nymphys ( not a strip club I swear it!) . It over looked the city of Chania ( the 2nd biggest city in Greece). You could see the beaches, harbor, and the city. It was an amazing view. The city is all built from stone and cement walls, and the architecture is really beautiful. When I looked over the edge I felt like I was going back in time to the age of Rome! But you wouldn’t believe I forgot my cell phone…so no pics. Ill be going back for more though.

We also got a det dog! He is a German Shepard 🙂 he’s a little malnourished but super friendly and he always hangs out with us. Ill shoot you some pics of the guy. We named him Hercules and he has a little collar and everything. So he’s the official DET dog.

Other then that Det has been pretty chill so far.

Call me tonight ya big jerk face double head

I Iove you!


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