Baby I….

Never thought when I first met you, that we would be like we are.

I don’t see a day go by without hearing you giggle with that look in your eyes. See you stick your tongue at me, and know that your alright.

I don’t have a morning were your not on my mind.

Growing what we share, has grown me to a better man

I can only hope you’ve experienced the same thing.

I have a confident feeling that you do.

I’ not perfect, in fact I’m far from it. You know that.

with all that it’s hard to believe that I was lucky enough to meet you.

My promise to you is I’ll always give you my all.

I’ll always become a better man. Who can laugh, play & passionately pursue you.

while take care of you.

I know we will live the life we dream of.

I’m dead serious about that to.

I love you baby, truly.


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