My new goals.

I thought I’d share my current goals for you, in case there’s any I’ve missed šŸ˜›

1. Complete each workout for 12 week workout (Me and Scott are doing a workout plan)
2. Complete statistics!!
3. Complete 2 subsections in EAWS per week. (ex. Phase 1: A and B section) This may change, especially since I want to board while I’m out here.
-Study EAWS daily.
4. Floss daily. (I’ve missed maybe 2 days since you’ve been gone, so this is getting close to being a habit)
5. Devote 1 day per week to contact my mom, Megan, and my dad.
6. Spend less than $433 per month, including rent. (This may be unrealistic, but I’m trying to drastically cut my spending on extraneous stuff…like midnight bagels)
7. Complete NKO courses/PME’s. (This is not necessarily top of my list, especially with EAWS)
8. Be ANI ready by end of det.
-Do a rack walkthrough and NATOPS study with Pugliesi or Brophy on every flight.
9. Do required assignments for Fall classes. (This means homework..I stopped doing the homework assignments for Statistics because it was time consuming, although I think my grade is reflecting that)
10. Cut the junk food. Seriously.
11. …Anything I missed or you think I need to work on? Remember, be proactively honest with each other šŸ˜‰


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