My goals to :)

Baby, I love that you took the time to add your goals on our site! when yous share your goals like that it makes me happy for you and your growth , but also motivates me to want to do more!

I know you don’t have this problem, but one of the hardest things for me to combat when trying to achieve something new is the influence people have over me. “Dude, lets go to the beach” ” Dude, your not drinking!?” “Bro, cmmon screw HW lets go!”. I always want to join. It’s hard for me to separate my self from the group and work my butt off! I like being part of the “group”, I used to be so shy as a kid I would eat lunch behind a set of curtains on a stage alone, because I was afraid to sit down any where else hahaha. So I feel like I transformed, I learned about people, I understand them, and learned what I have to offer people. But now it’s time to go back to that kid who ate alone & realize that although it’s great to understand people, it’s not great to follow the herd. I need to separate my self. & Although it’s hard work now, I know that there are memories to be made, adventures to be had, and a life to share with you. So I just want you to know that even though it’s more work now, and not thrilling. The times we have together are going to be the funnest craziest non-sence shenanigans everrrr! :))

I think my biggest theme these days is: Leading my own life. Taking control of my decision making and taking the tough road. I want to know Tony is making my decisions. Not the way I feel, or the people around me, I’m in charge of my life.

So without further adieu here are my goals:

1) Quit drinking. I will drink with you on special occasions ( because that’s fun:)). But pretty much not going to drink. Because I want to have control over my self

2) I want to eat clean and work out 5-6 days a week until I leave here. My goal is to always push my self a little harder to see how far my body can go. I diet not only for the physical aspect’s but for the discipline and self control over my self.

3) I want A’s in all the college courses I take. I’m shooting for an associates before we get out, after that I want to go to UW and get a computer science degree. I don’t want any student loans when i’m done. The reason I decided CS is because it’s something I don’t completely understand, along with a lot of other people. If I was going to go to school I was going to leave with a new skill. CS offers the advantages I like, like being able to work from anywhere, and a skill that’s in demand. This isn’t the end all be all for me, it’s just a way to make my self more marketable in the real world 🙂 so we can always figure out how were going to do the things we want to do!

4) Start learning computer knowledge on my own now. because duh… lol

5) I want to save an average of $2000/mo on and off the road. I seem to save a bunch on the road, then when we get home it’s obviously harder. I added it up and if you were to save 3k a month for three months, then 1k for three months your average would = 2k. When we get home we can start figuring out how were going to divvy up our saving’s and what not and figure out places we can cut to save more. Saving this money is going to fund our dreams, like backpacking, living on a sailboat, hiking the PCT, and investments. 🙂

6) Last and not least of course is growing with you. Our relationship is important to me. I don’t ever want to grow stagnant and in a pattern that is ongoing boring. I want to always be exploring each other, and the world around us together.  I love how were reaching for new ideals all the time, always trying to improve, and grow. I think as long as we stay on the same track we’ll be fine 😉

Anyways if I think of anything else I let you know. Make fun of my bad grammar.. I know its coming!

Love you baby!


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