What I stand for!

Hello Tony,

You know me more than I know myself. So this isn’t for you, it’s for me. So I can write down some thoughts and maybe get a little closer to figuring ME out today.

I like all things cute. Hello Kitty, baby animals, some old people, Clint Eastwood…etc. Now don’t anyone get me wrong, I’m not a girly girly. I take pride in blisters and bruises and wouldn’t put on make up even if I knew how. I appreciate natural beauty and kindness; things that you can’t see but have to be shown.

I like silly things and find that a child-like wonderment is the best way to experience many of life’s adventures. There are few things in life that need to be taken so seriously. When they do appear, take care of them and move on.

Real life is not in the past or the future, but the here and now. Sure, pondering the past and preparing for the future is not time wasted – unless it’s emotionally detrimental. I find that enjoying the now makes me happier overall. It’s getting out of your head and into the sounds, feelings, smells of the now.

An open mind is the door to self education, self improvement. Saying “no” to new anything, ideas, food, etc. is a brick wall. Asking questions, especially yourself, will begin to lead you down the rabbit hole into a new world of exploration.

Be genuine; it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and the people around you. It will encourage them to do the same. Once you are your “real self”, then you can find your strengths and weaknesses and go from there.

I certainly don’t exemplify all of these things but I can strive for them. And what is life except a long and unending set of goals? 🙂


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