Coffee Cup Cozy/Sleeve

This is a pattern that I reworked from the original video at

Chain 29

Connect in a loop using a slip stitch through the “front loop” of chain 1. (28)

Turn work “right side out.”

Row 1: Chain 1, and single crochet to the end of the row. Join to the first chain 1 using a slip stitch. (28)

Row 2: Chain 3, *skip a stitch, and double crochet in next 3 stitches. Half double crochet in the skipped stitched. Repeat from * to the end of the row. Join to the back loop of the third chain using a slip stitch.

Row 3-6: Repeat Rows 1-2.

Row 7: Repeat row 1, finish off.

*Note: Do not count any slip stitches as stitches, and do not single or double crochet in them. Your count will be off if you do, and you’ll end up with extra stitches.

*Note: This pattern can be reworked in multiples of 4 for desired size. Multiply 4 by however many sets of double crochet that you need, then add 1. That number will be your starting chain. Since you use the first chain to join into a loop, your overall stitch count will be the multiple of four. (ie. chain 29, minus the joining chain, is 28)