Hey baby! This is a page that we can add anything to do with the Pacific crest Trail. I kinda wanted it to keep track of the gear that we use to find out what we like most 440px-Pacific_crest_trail_route_overviewespecially shoes and backpacks.

Also While we’re planning our adventure in to the wilderness we can start drawing out our plans using this page, like drop off spots, sites we want to see and camp at, and places we can re-stock!

Also this may change with how things work out but I wanted to add a date to the time frame we want to start and finish.

Start goal: April/2018 🙂 let me know if I’m off. Of course 2017 sounds way better, but this will give us a year of training.

End date: November/2018.

Here is gear that we already have purchased.



To start, this is your bag. this is the Osprey Talon 44/ 2700 cubic inches. The bag is 2 Ibs. or 5 Oz.

If your curious of any of the features of the bag I linked it to the Osprey internet sight and the product should pop right up! 🙂




I am currently using the Osprey Kestrel 48/2900 cubic inches. 3 Ibs or 8 Oz.

I’ve noticed that after a good amount of hiking my right shoulder, on my back side gives me a bit of a sharp pain. Idk if that’s the bag or just my current setting’s. Other than that I like the options and straps on the outside of the bag. If I’m desperate for room it’s easy to find some kind of strap on the outside that will strap everything together. The top pouch/ and bottom zipper are extremely useful also. For a long distance hike i’ll need more room, I may want something a bit lighter also. 🙂




Fly Creek UL 2 Fast Fly -zmBig Agnes Fly Creek UL2. This weighs in at a whopping 1 IB 15 Oz. The footprint adds another 5 Oz.

This is a pretty awesome tent. It fits both of us, with a little extra room for storing boots and whatever else we need. I think we need to do a full inspection of what we pack, so where not packing extra stakes or whatever to decrease any extra weight. I think this is going to be an adequate tent for the PCT. Let me know what you think.


Our sleeping bags are the REI Lumen & Lyra. 

879477 879518The Lumen: 20 degree bag/ 2 ib. 8oz

The Lyra: 24 degree bag/ 3 ib 1oz

Of course we think there awesome because they zip together 🙂 of course because scientifically that will create more heat :p. Although they are a bit more heavy the benefit of zipping together is worth the extra weight.